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SF’s Own Bluxome Street Winery – A Gem in SoMa!

SF’s Own Bluxome Street Winery – A Gem in SoMa!

Bluxome Street Winery: A Review
San Francisco isn’t far from Napa or Sonoma, which might be why wineries generally don’t bother to keep tasting room locations in the city. Sure, the wineries aren’t FAR, but they’re sure not convenient when you’re in the city and want a quick taste of something local—especially if you’re dependent upon mass transit! Bluxome Street Winery is rare in that they bring their fruit from Sonoma to SF where they make, age and serve their wine right there in the city.

When you’re done with the NFL Experience, Super Bowl City, Fan Energy Zone and everything NFL, don’t you want to sit back, relax and enjoy something authentically San Franciscan? Allow us to strongly suggest you visit Bluxome Street Winery.

Their grapes these days are grown in the Russian River Valley, and when we visited the two SF tasting rooms their flights were heavy on Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Their Ghirardelli location sells a Cab by the bottle, but we were so pleasantly surprised with the Pinot, we couldn’t resist spending some quality time with a bottle of that instead. We will be back to enjoy that bottle of Cab!

Bluxome Street Winery: A Review
Their Original Tasting Room on Bluxome Street in Soma

The winery has two tasting rooms in SF: the original location in Soma on Bluxome Street where the wine is made (closed Mondays, but a short 5-10 minute walk from Moscone Center, AT&T Park and Caltrain) and a larger tasting room further north at Ghiradelli Square (open daily). We loved both locations, so choose either one depending on where your day takes you.

Bluxome Street Winery: A Review
Bluxome Street Winery’s Tasting Room at Ghiradelli Square

Something to note about the Soma room on Bluxome Street is their original, pre-1906 earthquake location! Many wineries were based in the area before the Prohibition movement in 1920. The quake destroyed virtually every structure and Prohibition killed the wine industry and business in the 7×7. Bluxome Street Winery was one of the only—if not the only—winery to successfully rebuild after the quake, wait out Prohibition and then resume business.

We loved both tasting rooms. The original location at 53 Bluxome had so much character, but what sealed the deal for me was a screen with a running loop of footage from a random film crew dispatched to Market Street in April 1906, mere weeks before the devastating earthquake. It’s fascinating and makes a great conversation piece. On the other hand, their Ghirardelli location is more spacious, offers an outdoor deck to enjoy the sunshine (or the fog, depending on the day) and has a view of the Golden Gate bridge and the San Francisco Bay. You can’t beat it!

Overall this is an interesting winery offering a better than average wine tasting experience and we can’t wait to go back. What else do you need to know? Just get there!

Hopheads & Cheeseheads at Mission Cheese!

I love cheese. Scroll down to read my bio–I wrote that months and months ago. I am committed to the saturated fatty goodness which is all kinds of cheese. This week I had the good fortune to attend a wine & beer pairing event with Faction Brewing at Mission Cheese, in San Francisco. It was incredible! I’ve heard of wine & cheese pairings, but beer and cheese? Yes. Yes that is a real thing and anyone who likes cheese should experience it. They joined forces with Faction Brewery Mission Cheese this week to put some thoughtful pairings together and they hit it out of the park!



The Faction pilsner was okay but their IPAs were outstanding! The Def Con III–a traditional Belgian Dubbel–was paired with the Glacier Blue cheese wedge and the only phrase I can think of to describe it is “mouth feel”. This pairing was so rich, decadent and smooth on my tongue–a real sensory experience–and then the sweetness hit me! It reminded me of that intensely rich taste when you get a forkful of buttercream frosting but no cake. It was so savory and so divine, I dreamed about it last night and woke up with diabetes. (I’m kidding.) (At least, I hope I’m kidding.) I couldn’t remember anything after that Glacier Blue wedge, but overall I think the pairings were really great.

Faction Brewery is a new craft brewery in the East Bay, in Alameda. They’re open from Wednesday-Sunday and are “dog & kid friendly”! You can try & buy in their tasting room as well as purchase growlers and other merchandise. The easiest way to get there using mass transit is to get off at the Lake Merritt BART stop and order an Uber to go the last 3.5 miles. You can connect with them on Twitter and Facebook too!

IMG_4913Faction Brewing

Mission Cheese has been here for four years and is a small venue (maximum capacity of 49 people) with some outdoor seating, but are looking for investors to open a second, bigger location in San Francisco. They serve wine, craft beer and cider, cheese flights and charcuterie, sandwiches, dessert and coffee. They also have a small retail shop where you can purchase cheese, accessories and apparel. Mission Cheese is closed on Mondays to the public, but the rest of the week you can jump off the BART at the 16th St & Mission stop and then they’re a five minute walk–and now that I realize they serve Raclette (an indulgent cow’s milk cheese from Switzerland, all thick and gooey and melted over bite-sized potatoes) I will be back! They also host wine & cheese pairings, which is another reason to watch Sosh for future cheese-centric fun.  Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, then head over to their website to get on their email list and for advance notice of special events.

Mission Cheese
  Mission Cheese

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