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Arizona Craft Beer in Tucson

Arizona Craft Beers in Tucson

Looking for a quick getaway in Arizona? We highly recommend Tucson! Just 2 hours south of Phoenix, the city of Tucson offers golf, spas, resort living, and amazing craft beers! We booked a weekend stay at Loews Ventana Canyon and couldn’t have been happier! On our way in… we stopped at Barrio Brewing Company. The food was delicious, the atmosphere authentic, and the beer oh so tasty!

It was hot outside that day, so I ordered Taylor Jayne’s Raspberry Ale. Although the menu says that this beer was brewed for those who don’t like “real beer”… I happened to enjoy it very much… and I *love* real beer! The raspberry flavor is light and not overly fruity. My guy had the Barrio IPA. This beer has a higher alcohol content and is quite hoppy but finishes quite cleanly!

We were pleasantly surprised upon arriving at Loews that they carry a wide variety of local Arizona craft beers- including some from Barrio Brewing Company! Here are some additional local craft beers that are served in restaurants on the property:

Thunder Canyon

  • Deep Canyon Amber
  • IPA


  • IPA
  • Stronghold Session
  • Seasonal


  • Blonde


  • Rojo
  • Blonde
  • IPA


  • Horchata Cream Ale

Four Peaks

  • Hop Knot IPA

Beyond the fabulous selection of local beers and delicious food offerings at Loews Ventana Canyon Tucson… We enjoyed fabulous service! Their social media team is really on it and provides not only social media support to guests, but also takes genuine interest in their adventures! Give them a tweet today @Loews_Hotels and use #LoewsVentana!

Hopheads & Cheeseheads at Mission Cheese!

I love cheese. Scroll down to read my bio–I wrote that months and months ago. I am committed to the saturated fatty goodness which is all kinds of cheese. This week I had the good fortune to attend a wine & beer pairing event with Faction Brewing at Mission Cheese, in San Francisco. It was incredible! I’ve heard of wine & cheese pairings, but beer and cheese? Yes. Yes that is a real thing and anyone who likes cheese should experience it. They joined forces with Faction Brewery Mission Cheese this week to put some thoughtful pairings together and they hit it out of the park!



The Faction pilsner was okay but their IPAs were outstanding! The Def Con III–a traditional Belgian Dubbel–was paired with the Glacier Blue cheese wedge and the only phrase I can think of to describe it is “mouth feel”. This pairing was so rich, decadent and smooth on my tongue–a real sensory experience–and then the sweetness hit me! It reminded me of that intensely rich taste when you get a forkful of buttercream frosting but no cake. It was so savory and so divine, I dreamed about it last night and woke up with diabetes. (I’m kidding.) (At least, I hope I’m kidding.) I couldn’t remember anything after that Glacier Blue wedge, but overall I think the pairings were really great.

Faction Brewery is a new craft brewery in the East Bay, in Alameda. They’re open from Wednesday-Sunday and are “dog & kid friendly”! You can try & buy in their tasting room as well as purchase growlers and other merchandise. The easiest way to get there using mass transit is to get off at the Lake Merritt BART stop and order an Uber to go the last 3.5 miles. You can connect with them on Twitter and Facebook too!

IMG_4913Faction Brewing

Mission Cheese has been here for four years and is a small venue (maximum capacity of 49 people) with some outdoor seating, but are looking for investors to open a second, bigger location in San Francisco. They serve wine, craft beer and cider, cheese flights and charcuterie, sandwiches, dessert and coffee. They also have a small retail shop where you can purchase cheese, accessories and apparel. Mission Cheese is closed on Mondays to the public, but the rest of the week you can jump off the BART at the 16th St & Mission stop and then they’re a five minute walk–and now that I realize they serve Raclette (an indulgent cow’s milk cheese from Switzerland, all thick and gooey and melted over bite-sized potatoes) I will be back! They also host wine & cheese pairings, which is another reason to watch Sosh for future cheese-centric fun.  Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, then head over to their website to get on their email list and for advance notice of special events.

Mission Cheese
  Mission Cheese

Please Wash Your Hands





Arizona Craft Brews


Arizona craft breweries are springing up all over! We recently got an email (as did all BevMo enthusiasts) about their local craft brews. Did you know that you can choose from over 80 Arizona craft brews at BevMo alone? We’ve been local enthusiasts for years now. I (Kelly) can pretty comfortably say that my cohort, Cassandra, would order a Four Peaks Kilt Lifter almost every time. It’s a 4-time award winning Scottish Ale. Full bodied + amber in color. That’s her go-to brew. I’m more of a seasonal kind of girl. If it’s summertime… I’ll undoubtedly go with a Papago Orange Blossom. It’s a wheat ale made with mandarin orange and vanilla. It tastes just like a creamsicle! If it’s cooler out… I prefer a nice milk stout! Bold + filling + with milky characteristics… it’s like dessert in a bottle! One of my favs? Left Hand Milk Stout. They’re in Colorado… but I love them just the same. :) What are your favorites?


Late last year Rogue Brewery released a novel new brew made from the infamous “cock sauce” that is Sriracha hot chili sauce. I know what you’re thinking: “whaaaat?”

Stout + Sriracha = well, some mixed reactions.

If you think a beer made with Sriracha would taste a little spicy, you’re a lot correct. If your palate is so mild that roasted garlic shows up on your spiciness radar then you need to skip this one. If you like Sriracha and can’t get enough spicy, you should consider this brew but I caution you to go slowly. It can be a little intimidating. It is a force with which to be reckoned.

I’ve had and enjoyed a jalapeño lager and a chipotle ale (including Rogue’s own). I liked them. They were fun and creative and interesting. This one is different. The flavor profile overwhelmed me. I need it served ice cold in a frosty glass, and then it’s just a sipping beer.

I drank it without eating anything, which may have been a mistake.  I could have paired it with a spicy Italian dish or pizza, spicy sausage and peppers, spicy curry, a pepper encrusted steak, or anything else with bold, strong flavor with a kick. As I chatted with the bartender at the Rogue Ales Public House in San Francisco’s North Beach, we talked about cooking with it–and I think it’s a fantastic idea!  The Sriracha Hot Stout is only sold in 750mL bottles, which is enough for you and your wok!  A shrimp and broccoli stir-fry made with garlic, ginger, soy sauce, lime juice and Sriracha Hot Stout would totally work for this. Chicken or beef stir-fry with red, yellow and green bell pepper + Sriracha stout sounds great, too! Throw some sliced jalapeño in there if your taste buds can handle it. Maybe pour some in your homemade BBQ sauce as it simmers–mix it with honey and serve as the sauce with your buffalo wings at your next party! I can’t wait to try cooking with the Sriracha stout and will keep you updated!

Right now you can purchase Sriracha Hot Stout online here or in a Rogue Ale brewery pub. It’s not on tap in the tasting rooms–you have to buy it in bottles, like I did. You know you want to try it–give it a shot!


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Beer Week, Here We Come!

It feels like beer week is everywhere, and more pubs and restaurants are getting involved than ever! I love to see all the attention that local breweries get during these local hooch fests–and it’s always a thrill to discover a gem who I didn’t know existed.

We have San Francisco’s #SFBeerWeek coming up, quickly followed by Arizona’s #AZBeerWeek.  The sheer number of events is overwhelming–I’m not likely to get to one event per day, much less the two or three dozen that I wish I could go to!  We welcome any suggestions of events you think we shouldn’t miss, so leave them in the comments!





Beer and Golf Always Mix

beerWe spend a good amount of time playing golf… especially Cassandra. She’s the Thelma to my Louise. It’s kind of a given that golf and beer go hand in hand. Recently, we were in Sedona at the Hilton Golf Resort. I couldn’t help but snap a quick photo of my classy beer to go. I *love* this. Thank you so much Hilton… for making it easy to enjoy a cold beer on a hot day.