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Noshing at Nosh Eatery & Wine Bar

Nosh Eatery & Wine BarWe had the pleasure of visiting Nosh Eatery & Wine Bar last week, which is the brand new iteration of the space formerly known as Betty’s Nosh, at 6685 N Beardsley Road, off the Loop 101 in Glendale, AZ. Nosh lacks the signature mushroom bar feature I loved when it was Betty’s, which is good news for the mushroom haters but bad news for us fungi enthusiasts. The good news for us all is the new owners still offer a great happy hour, and on Thursdays they still feature their complimentary wine tasting.

Last week Nosh’s wine tasting featured a Napa pinot gris from Three Pears, and while I don’t identify as a pinot gris fan, I found it to be delicious! The first sip might have been just okay, but the manager that night, Marty, already knew how biased I am against white wines and he coached me to pay attention to my second and third sips. It was so worth the investment in my patience!

The second choice that night, the red wine, was a Paso Robles cabernet sauvignon from Foxglove. It lacked the boldness of the big Napa cabs I’m used to, but it was well-rounded and certainly enjoyable.

When we taste new wines at a tasting, we get precious few sips and not much time to aerate them. Because of this I have a little broader range of what tastes acceptable enough to me to want to try again.  My litmus test is to ask myself after each sampling, “would I drink this again on purpose?” The answer for both of these wines is an absolute YES! Especially given such reasonable price points (~$20/bottle).

Nosh Eatery & Wine BarAs for the “nosh”, on this occasion I chose from the starter menu and enjoyed the shrimp eggrolls. With shrimp, cream cheese and jalapeño, it’s a little calorie splurge for me but they were so tasty and satisfying! My only disappointment of the evening was when I saw their famous mushroom bar is no longer. Angry Shrimp stuffed mushrooms, chicken Alfredo stuffed mushrooms, green chile chicken stuffed mushrooms, Byriani stuffed mushrooms… Sigh, I miss all those! Though Nosh no longer offers their virtual cornucopia of stuffed mushrooms, they do still have some mushrooms on the menu in the form of starters.

With atmosphere of a wine bar and patio seating, Nosh Eatery & Wine Bar is definitely worth checking out! Give them a try for your next business lunch, date night or girl’s night out. Keep calm and nosh on!

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Counoise? Don’t Mind if We Do!

Counoise? Don’t Mind if We Do!

Counoise? Don't Mind if We Do!

We here at CS&B are members of the Page Springs Cellars wine club, and we were intrigued when we saw our wine club selection for 4th quarter. We had never heard of Counoise before and were excited to try it—and it’s a Members Only selection right now, so you’ll have to join their wine club if you want to a taste! Page Springs Cellars Inner Circle club members are lucky enough to receive it as part of their Q1 wine shipment this year, too.

Counoise? Don't Mind if We Do!

Counoise (pronounced “coon-wahz”) is sometimes spelled “connoise”, and is rarely bottled on its own but usually as part of a blend. It is bold, smells earthy with plum notes, tastes of plum and pepper and has high acidity—overall, a great choice for those of us who prefer robust Napa Valley cabs. It is beautifully garnet in color and pairs well with a big steak, or the fireplace and a wedge of Manchego cheese! Page Springs Cellars has bottled it without blending for years—no other winery in Arizona bottles it alone, which is too bad! In fact, few wineries worldwide bottle it without it being part of a blend. Counoise vines have a low yield, which explains the tendency to blend it with other varietals. Counoise is also used to make rosé.

This bottle sells for $34 at Page Springs Cellars (wine club members only), which is a pretty easy price point to feel as if we’re indulging!

Arizona Craft Beer in Tucson

Arizona Craft Beers in Tucson

Looking for a quick getaway in Arizona? We highly recommend Tucson! Just 2 hours south of Phoenix, the city of Tucson offers golf, spas, resort living, and amazing craft beers! We booked a weekend stay at Loews Ventana Canyon and couldn’t have been happier! On our way in… we stopped at Barrio Brewing Company. The food was delicious, the atmosphere authentic, and the beer oh so tasty!

It was hot outside that day, so I ordered Taylor Jayne’s Raspberry Ale. Although the menu says that this beer was brewed for those who don’t like “real beer”… I happened to enjoy it very much… and I *love* real beer! The raspberry flavor is light and not overly fruity. My guy had the Barrio IPA. This beer has a higher alcohol content and is quite hoppy but finishes quite cleanly!

We were pleasantly surprised upon arriving at Loews that they carry a wide variety of local Arizona craft beers- including some from Barrio Brewing Company! Here are some additional local craft beers that are served in restaurants on the property:

Thunder Canyon

  • Deep Canyon Amber
  • IPA


  • IPA
  • Stronghold Session
  • Seasonal


  • Blonde


  • Rojo
  • Blonde
  • IPA


  • Horchata Cream Ale

Four Peaks

  • Hop Knot IPA

Beyond the fabulous selection of local beers and delicious food offerings at Loews Ventana Canyon Tucson… We enjoyed fabulous service! Their social media team is really on it and provides not only social media support to guests, but also takes genuine interest in their adventures! Give them a tweet today @Loews_Hotels and use #LoewsVentana!

Arizona Craft Brews


Arizona craft breweries are springing up all over! We recently got an email (as did all BevMo enthusiasts) about their local craft brews. Did you know that you can choose from over 80 Arizona craft brews at BevMo alone? We’ve been local enthusiasts for years now. I (Kelly) can pretty comfortably say that my cohort, Cassandra, would order a Four Peaks Kilt Lifter almost every time. It’s a 4-time award winning Scottish Ale. Full bodied + amber in color. That’s her go-to brew. I’m more of a seasonal kind of girl. If it’s summertime… I’ll undoubtedly go with a Papago Orange Blossom. It’s a wheat ale made with mandarin orange and vanilla. It tastes just like a creamsicle! If it’s cooler out… I prefer a nice milk stout! Bold + filling + with milky characteristics… it’s like dessert in a bottle! One of my favs? Left Hand Milk Stout. They’re in Colorado… but I love them just the same. :) What are your favorites?