Beer Week, Here We Come!

It feels like beer week is everywhere, and more pubs and restaurants are getting involved than ever! I love to see all the attention that local breweries get during these local hooch fests–and it’s always a thrill to discover a gem who I didn’t know existed.

We have San Francisco’s #SFBeerWeek coming up, quickly followed by Arizona’s #AZBeerWeek.  The sheer number of events is overwhelming–I’m not likely to get to one event per day, much less the two or three dozen that I wish I could go to!  We welcome any suggestions of events you think we shouldn’t miss, so leave them in the comments!





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I love my children. I like travel, playing golf, wine, beer, goat cheese, bleu cheese, sushi, horseradish, garlic, gourmet cooking, Thai food, dive bars, playing my violin terribly, Colin Firth, Mindy Kaling memoirs, my Keurig and disability advocacy. I hate daylight savings time, red lights, discrimination & intolerance, having my purse stolen, and SMA. My boyfriend and my therapist are my favorite people. You're next.

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