Wine Blending at Dogpatch WineWorks!

Recently we paid a visit to Dogpatch WineWorks near Portero Hill in San Francisco as part of a group wine blending event. WineWorks was super easy to get to–a five minute walk from the 22nd Street CalTrain station–and in a pretty neighborhood. The interior is a rustic warehouse space with an almost overwhelming number of […]


Late last year Rogue Brewery released a novel new brew made from the infamous “cock sauce” that is Sriracha hot chili sauce. I know what you’re thinking: “whaaaat?” Stout + Sriracha = well, some mixed reactions. If you think a beer made with Sriracha would taste a little spicy, you’re a lot correct. If your […]

Napa’s Tank Garage Winery: Never Dream Alone

You won’t find Tank Garage wines anywhere except their tasting room (and online, naturally), but put this one on your list to check out when you visit Napa. “Never dream alone” is their mantra, and could make a great tattoo if you’re so inclined. Located in Calistoga (~20 minutes drive north from downtown Napa up […]

Wine Wednesday: Tannat

Tannat is a grape I was just introduced to and I am it’s newest fan! ¬†Tannat is a red wine grape from Uruguay, but before it was planted in South America it was grown in southwest France and blended with cabernet or merlot. ¬†It is deep red in color and has high tannin levels. In […]

Beer Week, Here We Come!

It feels like beer week is everywhere, and more pubs and restaurants are getting involved than ever! I love to see all the attention that local breweries get during these local hooch fests–and it’s always a thrill to discover a gem who I didn’t know existed. We have San Francisco’s #SFBeerWeek coming up, quickly followed […]