How To Make Infused Vodka

With National Vodka Day right around the corner (October 4th , 2019) – we thought it would be worthwhile to share the basic steps on how to make infused vodka. Infusing flavor into vodka is a pretty simple process, but you will need some quality supplies and a little patience. With the right mix of […]

Scratch ‘N Sniff Your Way to Becoming a Wine Expert!

“Most of what you taste is actually the smell.” Remember the scratch ‘n sniff stickers from your childhood, the ones we would scratch and were supposed to smell like popcorn, cotton candy, and licorice?  It took him four years, but Master Sommelier Richard Betts has answered the prayers of former 1980’s sticker collectors everywhere with […]

Salty Dog Cocktail Recipe

This might be the world’s easiest cocktail recipe. It’s not a margarita, but it sure does remind me of one! It’s called a Salty Dog and it’s already one of 2016’s trendiest drinks. That’s not a scientific statement or really based on any fact… but all of my friends seem to be drinking them as […]

Noshing at Nosh Eatery & Wine Bar

We had the pleasure of visiting Nosh Eatery & Wine Bar last week, which is the brand new iteration of the space formerly known as Betty’s Nosh, at 6685 N Beardsley Road, off the Loop 101 in Glendale, AZ. Nosh lacks the signature mushroom bar feature I loved when it was Betty’s, which is good […]

SF’s Own Bluxome Street Winery – A Gem in SoMa!

San Francisco isn’t far from Napa or Sonoma, which might be why wineries generally don’t bother to keep tasting room locations in the city. Sure, the wineries aren’t FAR, but they’re sure not convenient when you’re in the city and want a quick taste of something local—especially if you’re dependent upon mass transit! Bluxome Street […]

Party Planning: Best Chip Dip Recipe Ever!

Much to George Costanza’s dismay, “double dipping” has indeed shown to increase germs in your bowl of dip by a factor of 1,000*. So long as that number doesn’t scare you, then boy, do I have a recipe for you! *We’re guessing. Sounds about right. My degree is in Political Science, which means I’m practically a […]

Party Planning: An Introduction

It’s January, you say? That must mean it’s “invite friends over to watch sportsball, eat too much and drink too much” season! Relax–it’s not as if your guests expect a Snackadium come February 7th. I mean, my sportsball party could never be complete without one, but I won’t judge you if you don’t go through that trouble. (I’m kidding.) This […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, from Corkscrews & Brews!

Counoise? Don’t Mind if We Do!

We here at CS&B are members of the Page Springs Cellars wine club, and we were intrigued when we saw our wine club selection for 4th quarter. We had never heard of Counoise before and were excited to try it—and it’s a Members Only selection right now, so you’ll have to join their wine club […]

Arizona Food & Wine Experience 2015

We had the good fortune to attend the Arizona Food & Wine Experience last weekend, and Kelly was pleased to be invited by AZ Food & Wine to write about it! Suffice to say it was a lovely time with some great food and wine, but you can read her article here!